Thursday, 17 November 2011

Egg Drop Workshop

When we think about Product Design, probably the first thing that comes to mind about the profession is related to cars, machines & technicality,…engineering, etc. Whilst it is true that these areas have Product Designers, however, there are many other areas that involves the unsung heroes of product design.
Through the guidance of our esteemed Product Design lecturers, the students from various high schools in Delhi were able to experience the best and most unusual teaching method to understand and have a hands-on about what a career as a Product Designer entails. RMI Delhi organized an unique “Egg Drop Workshop” where the participants have to protect an egg by using available materials like card boards, scissors, tapes & cutters.
The workshop was initiated by our Product Design lecturers, Mr. Bruno Oro and Ms.Sylvia Juarez Martinez, where they shared a brief lecture with the participants on Design as a Career. Participants were very enthusiastic and excited about the practical workshop. They never thought that a career in creative design can be so interesting and innovative.
The workshop proceeded with participants using card boards, scissors, tapes and with the help of their creative minds, started making packaging designs for the egg. The requirement was to achieve a packaging design that protects the egg even when dropped from the 3rd floor of the campus. Students were certainly very excited about the workshop. Many creative ideas could be seen during the course of the workshop’s progress.
The lecturers and the students from the Product Design program were there to guide every participant. At times, there were active debates on the merits of one design to another. Every participant was motivated to make the best packaging solution in the 1 hour session.
When time was up, the participants gathered at the ground level. Each and every one of their design was brought to the 3rd floor of the campus and released. All participants were very anxious and eager to see the result of their innovation. With the help of gravity, the packaging solutions of each particpant landed on the ground floor. In some cases, both the packaging and eggs were completely smashed. There were, however, a couple of packaging solutions which did not withstand the impact but did fulfill its function to protect the egg.
The workshop ended with an ear shattering climax with participants screaming and cheering for their individual innovations. Each participant was awarded with a small gift and a certificate of participation. A pizza party ensued and we are sure that they all had fun. Most importantly, it had been a learning experience for them and gave them an insight into the interesting world of a career as a Product Designer.
The workshop was a joint collaborative effort by RMI Delhi’s Marketing & Admissions Team and the Academic Team. Special thanks to Mr. Amit Satija, Mr. Bruno Oro and Ms. Silvia Juarez Martinez as well as all the students from the Product Design program.

Amit Satija- Head Of Marketing


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  1. creative learning is always a fun hence learn at leisure this is what happens at RMI.