Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sustainable Design

The word Sustainable not only means save the earth by reuse reduce and recycle but also by changing the psychology towards products and consumerism. My brief for the project in sustainable design was to make an electrical product which is sustainable in different aspects. I took upon the challenge to make a high capacity floor cleaner for use in big spaces like airports, malls and hospitals. The concept is to minimize the consumption of energy in terms of water and electricity and to minimise the wastage. Also the product reuses the waste by directing it towards other possible causes.

My design was inspired by a wasp. The shape enables the design to be streamlined and easy to manage in tight spaces.  The cleaners are ring type and have embedded steam sprayers and suction nozzle for vacuum cleaning. Consumption is directly proportional to wastage .Floor cleaner to be used in malls, airports and hospitals. Electrically operated. Simple and eco-friendly use .Lithium-ion batteries. Ceramic motors. Steam to replace water. Air exhausts to be directed for drying the surface. Electromagnetic wheels for reduced use of power. Hemp and PET recycled composite to make the whole body .Coconut coir to be used for the scrubbers. Integrated vacuum suction. 

Ceramic motors = less heat dissipation
Less heat dissipation = optimum use of energy
Hemp and PET body = reuse of material
Steam = less water
On demand steam supply 

In the end the possibility of use for this product can help attain a lower carbon footprint since the wastage from this product is bare minimum.

Pulkit Sharma

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