Thursday, 13 October 2011

Transportation Design - Marine

The first part of every project in product design is to read the brief and know what it demands. After jotting down all to be done on paper, it is time o move forward to get inspired and get started. So, finally the project takes off with a brain map between the lecturer and student. A lot many ideas came on the board. They were kind of whacky, crazy and mad. It always feels stupid in the beginning of projects when it comes down to brain mapping. It is funny as well as interesting to know how the brain works and what limits it can cross to produce such ideas. Sometimes it seems like its not part of the project and people are having fun. But as one dwells in more detail then things start to work and come in place.

A product design student, Rohit Kothari, lately produced a concept for the module marine transportation design. His main source of inspiration was studying the marine culture that includes relevant aspects like the movement of the fishes, the shape of their body and some lines, which helped in aerodynamics. The dolphin and the wale were studied in deep and later became the main source of inspiration.

After all of this, the process had to move forward and the concept had to be finalized.
The brief was all about designing a marine vehicle for leisure and recreational activities. So after great research and studies, the concept narrowed down to:
•    Designing a vehicle for marine
•    Single seater
•    Protection from the sun
•    Speeding on water
•    Go-carting on water or racing
•    Sporty

Later came the time to sketch and finalizing the shape of the vehicle which fits in each and every word of the concept. In this process, there were a lot of sketches produced and many ideas came along and many were criticized. The critic reviews really helped in further developed and the sketch was finalized. This sketch was later taken as a guide in preparing the technical drawing on AutoCAD.

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