Friday, 21 October 2011

Transportation Design - Railway

Railway has been around for quite a while now and there are quite a few awesome concepts coming up in the market. Designing railway seemed like making a few wagons with some shapes and its done! This is how it looked before research.
After researching there was a big change of thoughts, and to the previous idea it was a BIG FAT NOOO! That was the day when it felt that things which look easy shouldn't be under estimated. Every product that is designed is a different experience, moreover it helps in learning many aspects for the future.

To know about railways one needs to travel by train on a regular basis to understand and study situations one faces. Apart from all of this the research is equally important.
On the market, there are concepts for different purposes like for airport, for city transfer, metro etc .Out of all such purposes, airport in-transit was chosen. The problem to be solved was to remove the extra vehicles especially directing to specific terminals where their flight is for check in. For example: If an airport has 5-7 terminals and there is a person who lives close to terminal 1 but has a flight to catch at terminal 5 then he has to travel extra for terminal 5, but if a train is designed in the airport premises then that person can enter terminal 1 and travel up to terminal 5 in the train which is free of cost.
This further helps in making it convenient and smooth enough for passengers to travel in the airport premises.

The concept was all about this and the next aspect to think about was to choose the type of material, technology and number of people. After thorough research the material used to built up the train was reflective glass and aluminum. The idea behind choosing the reflective glass was to make the passengers enjoy the view of the airport when they were traveling and as many airports have some shopping areas and some restaurants then it would be interesting to view them and know where to stop. The technology to be used was Magnetic Levitation(Maglev) and the number of people chosen were 10 in one wagon. It was decided to make a twin wagon which is interconnected and in total there will be 20 persons moving in.

The train was inspired from three things, like an egg, a bullet and a rugby ball. These three things helped in understanding the aerodynamics and the shape of the whole body.

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